Canada Student Visa – How To Apply


There is always a high volume of people checking the internet on how they can apply for a Canadian student visa.

Before you can obtain a Canadian student visa, there are a few processes that you need to follow. And these are things that we shall talk about in this article.

Also, the Canadian student visa is renewable. This means if your student visa expires, and you aren’t yet done with your studies, you have the chance to renew it.

If you can get admitted to one of the institutions in Canada, it will make your study permit processing faster. Also, with the study permit, you will be able to work while you are in school in Canada, and you can apply for permanent residence after your studies.

Application Process For Canadian Study Permit

Among the plethora of ways, many European countries have for obtaining their student visa. Canada only has two primary ways to obtain it, which are

  • Online application
  • Paper application

And the most convenient way to obtain your student visa is the online application mode. It’s super easy and fast!

If you need instructions on applying, you can check Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the CIC website. Nevertheless, if you choose to apply via the paper application, bear in mind that it will take a long time before your application gets processed.

A printer and scanner will be needed to upload your debit/credit card online. If you are applying online, you will need to provide soft copies of your documents.

Instructions to Obtain a Canadian Student Visa
The following are things that are expected to get an understudy visa.

Step1: Get acknowledgment letter: Without getting an acknowledgment letter from one of the establishments in Canada.

You can begin via looking for establishments in Canada and applying for confirmation on the web; whenever you have been conceded, you will actually want to continue with your application.

Stage 2: Apply For Visa: Once you have capacity to get your acknowledgment letter, the following thing implied for you to do, is to apply for an understudy visa.

The main choice for you to do this is by visiting the CIC site. On the other hand, you can track down your direction to the Canadian consulate in your nation of origin. By and by, this can time-consume.

Stage 3: Answer bio-information Questions-After you have started your enlistment on the CIC site, you will be asked to give replies to inquiries about yourself. This will make certain to make a customized agenda.

Stage 4: Create a MyCIC account.

The Mystic record will be utilized to make a customized agenda for you, and this is where you will too present your CIC application.

Stage 5: Attend Interview: After you have finished your application, you will be expected to go to a meeting, and this is where your visa application status will be chosen.

In the wake of Applying, What Next?
Whenever you have finished your application and your application has been handled, the following thing is to begin getting ready for your voyaging.

Guarantee your records are kept where you can undoubtedly contact them, for example, your identification and imperative archives, which you will present to the movement official.

We hope everything turns out great for you as you plan to handle your Canada understudy visa.

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