Top 10 high paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada for 2022


Several Skilled Trade Jobs are in demand in Canada. Availability of Skilled Trades with good salaries is a key reason Skilled Trade workers immigrate to Canada through the Federal Skilled Trades Program, FSTP. This article examines our collection of the top ten (10) highly paid Skilled Trade jobs in Canada, and the provinces to find them especially in the year 2022.


Top 10 highly paid Skilled Trade occupations in Canada

Everybody’s desire is to take care of responsibilities that offer more monetary prizes. Gifted Trade occupations in Canada are pursued by numerous Canadian bosses who will pay more significant compensations to qualified specialists.

You likewise need to have specific abilities as expressed by the business or work office in Canada.

List of top ten (10) highly paid Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada and their annual salaries.

  1. Truck Drivers (up to CAD $350,000 yearly)
  2. Plumbers (up to CAD $200,000 yearly)
  3. Chefs (up to CAD $156,000 yearly)
  4. Welders (up to CAD $150,000 yearly)
  5. Carpenters (up to CAD $120,000 yearly)
  6. Electricians (up to CAD $110,000 yearly)
  7. Hairstylists (up to CAD $93,000 yearly)
  8. Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights (up to CAD $90,000 yearly)
  9. Bricklayers (up to CAD $120,000 yearly)
  10. Transport and Truck Mechanics (up to CAD $110,000 yearly)


1. The Truck Drivers

Truck Driver

Without a doubt, Truck Drivers are among the main ten (10) generously compensated Skilled Trade occupations in Canada. You really want to have a legitimate Canadian driver’s permit before you can accept any driving position in Canada.

In addition, there are many open positions open to Truck Drivers in Canada, which incorporates waste vehicle driver, conveyance driver, Truck Drivers manager, fuel Truck administrator, water Truck administrator, and so forth.

Furthermore, the hourly pay of Truck Drivers in Canada is assessed at a scope of CAD $20 to CAD $105. Also, Truck Drivers can procure up to CAD $350,000 yearly.

2. Plumbers

If you are a foreign national with plumbing skills, you can always get jobs involving you to install, repair, and service pipes, drains, fixtures, sewers, water heaters, and more, in Canada


Plus, Plumbers acquire a normal of $20 Canadian Dollars to $65 Canadian Dollars each hour in Canada. They land many positions because of their extensive scope of administrations.

With great experience, exceptionally talented Plumbers procure up to an outshining amount of up to $200,000 Canadian Dollars consistently.

3. Chefs/Professional Cook

You will be able to earn largely working as a Chef/professional cook/head cook in Canada. Besides, Chefs earn an average of CAD $15 to CAD $57 per hour working in Canadian restaurants, hotels, and resorts. On a yearly basis, Chefs in Canada may earn a yearly income of as much as CAD $156,000.

4. The Welders

The work of Welders are many times expected in Canada in consolidating a few metals by welding. Thus, various development organizations, shipyards, as well as steel enterprises utilize Welders in Canada.

Furthermore, Welders can earn an average of CAD $20 to CAD $95 per hour. They may also earn up to CAD $150,000 on a yearly basis.

5. Carpenters

The services of Carpenters are always required at places where construction is going on. Additionally, working as a Carpenter makes you a furniture maker or a person who repairs wooden products.

Simply by making and repairing furniture like desks, chairs, shelves, etc., Carpenters may earn high wages ranging from CAD $20 to CAD $65 each hour. Moreover, Plumbers are able to earn a large amount up to CAD $120,000 every year.

6. Electricians


Installing, repairing, as well as maintaining electrical equipment and wiring is quite costly in Canada. Thus, Electricians may earn up to CAD $25 to CAD $75 every hour. Moreover, Electricians earn an average yearly income of CAD $110,000.

7. Hairstylists

You can work in Canada with your hairstyling skills by helping people to cut and beautify their hair in various styles.

As a Hairstylist in Canada, you are likely to earn an hourly income ranging from CAD $15 to CAD $70 per hour. Moreover, you may earn up to $93,000 yearly if you work in any of the leading hair salons in Canada.

8. Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights

Working as an Industrial Mechanic and Millwright requires assortments of abilities. You for the most part need to install, fix, administration, as well as uninstall hardware in the interest of assembling plants and offices.

In addition, Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights have an hourly assessed wage that reaches from CAD $25 to CAD $53 each hour. Consistently, you will be ideal to acquire up to $90,000 each year.

9. Bricklayers


As one of the main ten (10) high paying Skilled occupations in Canada, bricklaying requires your stone work abilities in developing different sorts of building structures utilizing blocks.

Instances of these structure structures incorporate homes, workplaces, chapels, and so on.

All the more in this way, Bricklayers in Canada are paid a time-based compensation going from CAD $20 to CAD $56.

10. Transport and Truck Mechanics

As a vehicle and Truck Mechanic, you can work with organizations that assist coordinated operations and Truck proprietors with keeping up with their vehicle execution.

Furthermore, transport and Truck Mechanics run conclusion, fixes, and administrations transports and Trucks.

Moreover, transport and Truck Mechanics acquire a typical time-based compensation of CAD $20 to CAD $58 in Canada.

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